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after all inconveniences

(Note: do not be alarmed by the title, this story has a happy end). As my A Levels come to an end, I have a lot of extra time on my hands and what better thing is there to do with it than be creative. And so I set out on a mission to do just that. For Christmas a couple of years ago my aunt gave me the more than thoughtful gift of a sewing machine and some time later she gave me beautiful fabric that I was always too scared to cut since I had little experience. However since I had spent six months learning under her supervision, I deemed this to be the perfect moment to finally swing the scissors!

The fabric was so pleasant to work with. It did not slither off the machine every few centimeters, it did not leave behind trails of thread behind in the entire house unlike others I have worked with and it most certainly has a pattern that simply puts a smile on your face.


my own pattern of a pleated skirt

This was sadly not the case for my sewing machine. No matter what I did, clean it, oil it, fix its screws, replace the needle, bobbin and bobbin capsule, change all settings that can be changed, scream or plea the machine did not want to give me a clean stitch. Instead either the bobbin thread was visible on the skyward facing side of the fabric or the upper thread was looking down to my feet.
That was it! I had tried everything I could and it was now time to take it to the “fundi” (Swahili for handyman). But just like a child afraid of shots, the sewing machine would not tell its doctor what was wrong and worked marvelously and showing off its flawless stitch, leaving me to look stupid. But I didn’t have time for that. The machine finally worked and that was all I needed to know.



enjoying a nice cool ice tea

My mother speculated that it was the drive on the more than bumpy street to the fundi’s that rattled whatever was out of it, into its place. Whether it was the drive or the fundi’s magic healing hands, I didn’t mind it much. All I knew was that in a few hours I would have a new skirt. It ended up taking another day to get everything done. Zippers are just not my favourite thing, but the important thing was that I had a Project, a working sewing machine and pretty skirt.


F. (from Zanzibar)

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    Hello, nice to see such a pretty skirt from so far away!
    Liebe Berlinerinnen, bitte setzt noch einen Backlink zum mmm in den Post, danke.
    Viele liebe Grüße Sybille MMMCrew

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